So, it seems pretty strange to want to be the owner of a NBA team– in a league in which roughly 80% of the players are black– if you don’t like black people. Why does L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling want to spend his days around blacks if he doesn’t even want his girlfriend to associate with them? And then there’s the fact his girlfriend is half black and half Mexican. So, he’s not so choosy in the privacy of the bedroom.

Sterling’s leaked anti-black rant has certainly caused a bit of a headache for the league office. If Sterling has any class, he’ll acknowledge that he’s unfit to be a NBA owner and put his team on the market. It’s a real shame. The Clippers are finally kind of good after decades of futility, and then this happens. To think it involves Magic Johnson, too! Sterling couldn’t have picked a worse man to insult in all of Los Angeles.

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