Thanks to our guest bloggers for a very good first day. They’ll all be back tomorrow.

Here are a few items of interest if you’re in the reading mood:

* It’s the 60 anniversary of the SCOTUS decision in Brown v. Board of Education. Imani Perry discusses some of the misconceptions surrounding that decision at WaPo today.

* In case you missed it, organizers who produced the influential 2010 Mt. Vernon Statement of “conservative principles” got the band back together this last week to talk strategery.

* Eric Cantor rules out mini-DREAM Act amendment to defense bill. Guess all those Tea Party attendees at his district GOP convention got his attention.

* Chris Christie to address big “Jewish Values International Awards” gala tomorrow. Good luck for him: Sheldon and Miriam Adelson will be in the audience.

* At TNR, a good (if pre-election) backgrounder on current Indian politics, which focuses on fecklessness of Rahul Gandhi, “the very bottom of the Nehru-Gandhi barrel.”

And in non-political news:

* Brazilian teenager sets new record for fastest text.

Donna Summers died two years ago today. I know it’s considered cheesy, but I still like the Queen of Disco’s non-disco classic: “State of Independence.” See if you don’t hum along.

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