Day’s End and Night Watch

Have a very busy evening ahead with a church meeting to run and a TPMCafe column to write, and primary-watching all along. I just love me some election nights.

Here are some remains of the day:

* Last Northeastern holdout falls, as federal judge strikes down PA’s same-sex marriage ban.

* Interesting Bloomberg Businessweek column on corporate efforts to whip the votes of their own employees, especially in Republican primaries. Sounds like something out of Early Mark Hanna.

* Sarah Posner reads NE Senate nominee Ben Sasse’s dissertation, which argues that school prayer wars the real genesis of Christian Right, to which the pol now being retroactively turned into “Establishment” figure clearly belongs.

* At Ten Miles Square, Jonathan Bernstein traces the “wild” Joe Biden legend back through The Onion to Richard Ben Cramer’s 1988 campaign book, What It Takes.

* At College Guide, Conor Williams revisits the idea of junking all the tax credits and just directly subsidizing parents.

And in non-political news:

* Huge sinkhole opens up beneath football field at Austin Peay University in Tennessee. Just not a good offseason for CFB.

That’s it for today. Let’s close with a fabulous 1981 performance by Richard Thompson of one of my all-time favorite songs, “Shoot Out the Lights.”

Ed Kilgore

Ed Kilgore, a Monthly contributing editor, is a columnist for the Daily Intelligencer, New York magazine’s politics blog, and the managing editor for the Democratic Strategist.