There is really no way for me to do justice to this Molly Powell piece in favor of catcalls at the National Review Online, at least, not in the allotted time remaining to me in the universe. The article itself goes so far as to argue that women who have Alzheimer’s disease are extremely horny and would most definitely appreciate a catcall despite being “fat and gray-haired and hav[ing] three chins and cankels.” It goes even further and details a time in Ms. Powell’s youth when a Frenchman gratified himself on a train while “while leering and grunting at” her. It asserts that attractive women who dress attractively “bear at least some of the responsibility” for being “treated like pieces of meat,” while in the very next sentence saying that “this is not to say that we deserve to be harassed if we are naturally alluring or if we wear sexy clothing.”

The thing is, the article is nothing compared to the comments.

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Martin Longman

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