Not to pat myself on the back, but I did bring this up first. It seems that there may be a better chance of Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas losing his reelection bid if he runs against an independent in a two-way race than if he runs against both an independent and a Democrat in a three-way race. At least, that’s what one recent poll found. For this reason, the Democrats have an incentive to both help Greg Orman, the independent, and to try to convince Chad Taylor, the Democrat, to drop out of the race.

But, first, they have no make sure that Orman would be willing to caucus with them, and that is not assured. While Orman is a former Democrat, he is also a former Republican. And while he preaches tolerance on social issues, he also preaches fiscal conservatism.

Yet, one thing is certain. The Republican Party is going to do everything they can to defeat him.

So, the way I see it, there is an opening here if creative minds care to walk through it.

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