It used to be that it was bad form to break up with someone over the phone. Then it evolved to be bad form to break up with someone with post-it note. Now, it’s morphed again. Today, it’s bad form to break up with someone on Facebook.

The very public break-up between Rep. Mark Sanford and his fiancée came as a surprise to his fiancée, who told the New York Times on Saturday that she learned about it from the media.

Maria Belen Chapur told the Times that she had spent time with Sanford in Paris last week. Chapur had such a wonderful time during their time in France that she felt it was like a “honeymoon,” she said.

But then she learned Saturday that Sanford had written a 2,400-plus word post on Facebook announcing his intention to break up with her.

“I learned it from the press today,” she told the Times.

I guess I am going with a South Carolina theme today, but one does wonder how awful a Republican would have to behave to get kicked out of office in the Palmetto State.

So, no more hiking the Appalachian Trail?

Martin Longman

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