I know it was predicted, but the sight and sound of rain here this morning was blessed. Shame it won’t continue.

Here are some rapidly drying midday news/views items:

* Today’s must-read definitely Tim Dickinson’s massive history/analysis of the Kochs at Rolling Stone, focusing less on how they spend their money than on the nasty ways they got it.

* Frightening video emerges of SC highway patrolman firing on unarmed African-American driver in stop for seat belt violation, apparently with zero provocation. But patrolman did get fired, and has been charged with felony assault.

* Gaze in awe as Danny Vinik explores new site: RepublicansArePeopleToo.com.

* At the Prospect, Robert Kuttner argues that Margaret Thatcher responsible for policies that nearly led Scotland to secession.

* Thanks a lot, faithful ally: Iraqi prime minister publicly warns of imminent IS attack on subways of Paris and New York. Way to keep everybody calm.

And in sorta non-political news:

* Auto lenders heavily relying on sort of a repo-drone: device that automatically disables car when payments late (or maybe when they’re not).

As we break for lunch, here’s another tune from the band that inspires much secret fandom, ABBA, lip-synching “SOS” on American Bandstand in 1975. As always, the outfits are mildly psychotic.

YouTube video

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