Aaron Blake appears to be incensed that Wendy Davis is running a very negative political advertisement in the Texas gubernatorial campaign. The ad points out that the Republican nominee, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, once successfully sued someone because a tree fell on him causing him to suffer partial paralysis but now opposes the exact same kinds of law suits while serving at the Lone Star State’s top law enforcement official.

Admittedly, the advertisement is a personal attack, as it focuses on Greg Abbott’s disability. But it’s not about his sex life. It’s not about his college transcripts or the provenance of his birth certificate. It doesn’t attack his wife or children.

It’s about a matter of law and policy, and it’s about Greg Abbott taking advantage of the law to redress an injustice that was done to himself and then denying that same remedy to other Texans who find themselves in the same or similar situations.

We can debate exactly how “nasty” this advertisement is, but it is a substantive attack that raises a legitimate issue. It’s not gutter politics.

But, I guess you can judge for yourself.

It reminds me of certain people who grew up as children receiving Social Security assistance and now tell you that it’s all a Ponzi scheme.

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