Dr. Grist explains our problems in 36 tweets.

It looks like we will not have our first female Secretary of Defense, as Michele Flournoy has taken herself out of the running for the post.

The White House doesn’t seem happy about a proposed tax-cut deal Harry Reid is making with the House Republicans. Will they veto it or just send out emails complaining about it?

When a Christian home-schooler visits the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago the results are hilarious.

Texas should go ahead and add the U.S. Constitution as a bona fide book in the Old Testament. But the question is: “Is our children learning?”

Very cool when your friend’s father gets a writeup in the Scientific American. But I am not a scientist, so I guess I can’t read it.

Philly’s City Paper has no patience for sanctimony about Ferguson from Mayor Nutter and District Attorney Seth Williams.

Ted Cruz can’t even handle questioning from Chris Wallace. How is he going to negotiate with Vladimir Putin?

Maybe Chuck Hagel was just bad at his job.

Here’s some more Bob Marley:

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