The recent upheaval over at The New Republic has generated some chatter about the Washington Monthly — its past, its present, and whether there is a future for us in the red-hot atmospherics that pass for journalism today. So we’d like to say that we are confident there is a continuing need for our brand of journalism, a view we hope you share. Whether you are a fan of Political Animal or the Washington Monthly magazine, you can count on us to bring clarity to the issues that affect how we live and work, and to push politicians and policymakers to fix our profoundly broken system of government. We will continue to take on these challenges, enthusiastically. As New York Times columnist and former Washington Monthly editor Joe Nocera says:

“Here is what I learned at the Washington Monthly: how to report fearlessly, write with clarity and purpose, and be unafraid to go against the grain. I can’t think of three more important attributes for a journalist.”

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