This Key & Peele parody in which teachers are the subject of a SportsCenter-style show makes the obvious point that our society treats pro athletes much better than it does classroom teachers, delightfully imagining what it’d be like if things were very, very different.

The luxury car ad at the end of the segment (in which a teacher driving a BMW intones “I AM the future”) is particularly fun.

However, there are some tough truths hidden in and among the laughs:

The best teachers, like the best athletes, tend to be able to go where they want and are sometimes lured away by schools and districts that can offer them higher pay or better perks.

The worst schools, like the worst pro basketball teams, are assigned promising rookies as a compensation for their poor performance.

Teachers, like pro athletes, are often judged on metrics (test scores, wins and losses) that may be the result of a combination of factors beyond their direct control.

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Alexander Russo

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