The GOP debate on Fox included some Common Core discussion. Teachers are demanding Chris Christie apologize for his critical comments against teachers’ unions. Connecticut is going to require all juniors take the SAT instead of the state Common Core test. And more:

Common Core is Premier Education Issue in GOP Presidential Debate PK12: Jeb Bush has taken a lot of flak from his GOP opponents for supporting the common-core standards, a position he’s steadfastly backed, even as his conservative contemporaries have waged battle against them. See also HuffPost, Vox.

Teachers to Christie: Apologize to us over ‘punch in the face’ quip MSNBC: Nearly 32,000 people have signed a petition spearheaded by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) asking the governor to say he’s sorry. They argue that Christie “seems to think that leadership means threatening violence and creating a culture of intimidation.”

Connecticut to Require All 11th Graders to Take the SAT NYT: With approval from the United States Department of Education, Connecticut said it would make the SAT a requirement, administered without cost to students, beginning in the 2015-16 school year.  See also WSJ, NYTCT Mirror.

Make way for the test-score punditry: NY state scores coming next week ChalkbeatNY: “I will simply say, it’s one of the things we judge ourselves by,” de Blasio said Thursday, referring to the scores. “It’s not the only thing.”

Who Is ‘Good Enough’ In A Common Core World? NPR: 5 million students took new, Common Core-aligned tests this Spring through the PARCC consortium. Now begins the rush to set cut scores — to sort students by performance.

Students Need Not Meet Common-Core Test’s Cut Score to Graduate in Wash. St. State EdWatch: To be considered ready for credit-bearing college work, students should score at levels 3 or 4, but the state school board set a different minimum score to earn a diploma.

At one Baltimore school, students are easing racial tensions by learning from each other WNYC: One year after a burst of violent attacks, Digital Harbor High launched a program to bring Latino and African-American students together.

Ferguson Class Of 2014 HuffPost: The students who graduated with Michael Brown had only hope and promise ahead of them. And a year after Brown’s tragic death, somehow they still still do. Here are their stories.

States Haven’t Embraced Later School Start Times For Teens NPR: Last year the nation’s pediatricians said middle and high schoolers shouldn’t start school before 8:30 a.m., so they can get much-needed sleep. But almost all schools start before that, the CDC finds. See also Washington Post.

Authorities worry that many US schools could have dangerous asbestos Washington Post: 
When the Ocean View school district in Orange County, Calif., began to modernize its facilities last year, school officials and taxpayers got an unwelcome surprise. Workers found asbestos in 11 buildings, triggering a costly and disruptive effort to…

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Alexander Russo

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