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“School Starts Sept. 9. Resistance is futile. You will be educated” (Not new but still fun.)


New Yorker: The Life and Death of Jamaica High School

Enquirer: First day at one of Camden’s new neighborhood charter schools  

ProPublica: Small Group Goes to Great Lengths to Block Homeschooling Regulation  

NYT: GOP hopefuls vie to prove how small federal education footprint will be

Atlantic: What Happened When Baldwin, Michigan, Decided to Send Every Kid to College? //

Boston Magazine: ‘Our Kids Don’t Belong in School’ ://  

Mother Jones: “Sorry, I’m Not Taking This Test”  @kristinarizga

LA Times: White and black parents answer poll differently on testing

Reader: Chicago teachers unionnot amused by erotic fiction  


The Power Of Nuanced Education Writing – & Where To Find It  

Few Journalists & POC Make 2015 Social Media List (Again)

NYT Joins Ed Coverage Arms Race

High Hopes & Expectations For The LA Times’ Massive Education Team

Poll Coverage Highlights Need For More Regular Use Of Data  

Transparency Might Shed Light On Controversial NYT Oped

When Your Facts Undercut The Premise Of Your Story

Kyle Spencer Is Everywhere

Competition Fueling “Ashley Madison” Coverage

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