Suddenly a change of format, to the rapid-fire thing: everybody asked about what woman should be on ten-dollar bill?

Paul: Susan B. Anthony.

Huck: My wife.

Rubio: Rosa Parks.

Cruz: Leave Hamilton, replace Old Hickory with Parks.

Carson: My mother.

Trump: Ivanka, or Rosa Parks.

Jeb: Maggie Thatcher.

Walker: Clara Barton.

Fiorina: Don’t mess with currency, let woman reach potential.

Kasich: Mother Teresa.

Christie: Abigail Adams

Seem to have missed this, but we’re in the “light-hearted” segment. What would your Secret Service monniker be?

Christie: True heart.

Fiorina: Secretariat.

Bush: High-energy (gets high five from Trump).

Trump: Humble.

Carson: One nation.

Rubio: Gator.

Huck: Duck Hunter

Paul: Justice Never Sleeps.

What would you want your legacy to be (alluding to Reagan’s):

Paul: No war, but by God if we fight we’ll kill ’em all.

Huck: Safe world, for us and Israel. Nobody would bully us. No IRS. No abortion.

Rubio: Uses Air Force I prop to talk about all the enemies and friends he’d visit, and ends with Free Cuba.

Cruz: Man, they are all mentioning Israel! Kill the terrorists, repeal Obamacare, defend the constitution.

Carson: Will he finally mention political correctness? Did he take a pledge not to, just once? Didn’t do it!

Trump: Love this: “we’ll have more of everyhing,” next line is about diseases. Ends on very quiet note.

Bush: “High sustained economic growth,” 4% yada yada yada.

Walker: I’ll fight and win! Don’t believe he mentioned his new anti-union plan once tonight. Weird.

Fiorina: Does her faux-feminist routine, touting Lady Liberty and Lady Justice, ends with half of Pledge of Allegiance.

Kasich: I’ll make people remember they are Ohioans–I mean Americans! Missed a line, tuned back in when he was talking about the Holocaust Museum. Hope this is the last question.

Christie: Something about the rule of law and justice and ur ur ur and then I WON’T NEGOTIATE WITH IRAN!

And with that, it’s over!

Ed Kilgore

Ed Kilgore is a political columnist for New York and managing editor at the Democratic Strategist website. He was a contributing writer at the Washington Monthly from January 2012 until November 2015, and was the principal contributor to the Political Animal blog.