Al Giordano is going out on a limb and strongly predicting that Joe Biden not only is getting in the race but that he’s been headed that way since at least August.

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I could give you ten reasons why I think VP Joe Biden will, must, has a duty from which he will not shrink, jump into the presidential race before the “clue” Ryan Lizza comes up with here: that his staff met with Democratic National Committee staffers to be briefed on the primary calendar and its minutia.

The biggest reason is that by allowing so much speculation for the past months – without even once tamping it down – Biden (with the full and often enthusiastic complicity of the White House) has contributed greatly to the free-fall in Hillary Clinton’s support: one in which she has lost at least one-third of her voters, including one-third of the women who support her.

If it wasn’t likely that Biden will get in, why would the White House allow such speculation to damage the candidate most likely to benefit from Biden staying out? At a certain point – I would say, around August – a decision had to be made: Are we going to keep hurting Clinton’s campaign with the constant drip, drip, drip of Biden stories? Or do we cut bait now? The record reflects that Biden and the White House decided to keep fishing instead. The results for the “frontrunner” Clinton’s campaign have been devastating, so disastrous that she can’t even lead Donald Trump in swing state polls when even lesser known Bernie Sanders can!

Biden’s in. That’s my educated guess. And I don’t need some douchey staffer of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to come trotting to me with a “scoop” in which the DNC also tried to throw shade on Biden’s candidacy: the “DNC source” told Lizza that Team Biden “probably thought they had longer” to get on the ballot. What rubbish. Biden’s people have studied and known these deadlines since at least August, when some went over the calendar with me.

No, Team Biden only held this meeting with the DNC as a clever “courtesy,” knowing full well that the in-the-Clinton-tank shop of Wasserman-Schultz wouldn’t be able to help itself but leak it to the press. Which was stupid because here’s another Biden story, another day in which Biden, and not Clinton, is the name on Democrats’ lips.

It’s a total eclipse of the frontrunner.

Here comes Joe.

I didn’t talk to the Biden people, but if Al says he did then you can take that to the bank.

I’m not ready to say Biden is definitely getting in and I’m not sure he has some duty to get in. But I hope he does, and I think he might.

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