Best Education Journalism Of The Week (October 9-16, 2015)


Here it is — let me know what I missed or got wrong:


EIA: Hillary’s NEA “Town Hall” Answers  (See also Politics K-12

PBS NewHour: Is kindergarten too young to suspend a student?

The Atlantic: Why Intel Ended Its Relationship With the Science Talent Search

Medium: Why are so many parents in the Northwest scrambling to enroll their kids in outdoor preschools?

The Atlantic: How California’s Largest School District Blamed an 8th Grader for Her Own Rape

The Seventy Four: Q&A: Cami Anderson Talks Ed Reform, Facebook & What ‘The Prize’ Left Out 

EdSource: CA Gov. Brown banned concealed weapons on campus, but then rejected ban on for-profit charter schools 

Chicago Magazine: Former CPS Chief: Rahm Didn’t Do “Enough Vetting” of Byrd-Bennett 


Kudos & complaints: Catalyst Chicago Broke SUPES Scandal Story — Two Years Ago! 

What The Gates Foundation’s Learned About Education Journalism

KPCC Public Radio Responds To My CJR Story – Plus A Headline Apology (From Me) 

Former education reporter chides Chicago media for “fascination with failure”

PBS Reporter Reflects On 40 Years Of Coverage


New Yorker: How School Shootings Spread

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