Best Education Journalism Of The Week (November 7-13, 2015)


Washington Post : Hillary Clinton wades into the internal Democratic debate over public schools

US News: Facebook’s Zuckerberg Doubles Down on Education Investments

NBC: Activist DeRay Mckesson Gives Speech About Being Black and Gay

Sacramento Bee: What’s next for Michelle Rhee, once the national face of education activism?

Colorado Public Radio: Like Peers Nationwide, Colorado Students Struggle With New Tests

PBS NewsHour: Struggling School Tries “Self-Organized” Learning

Catalyst: Chicago leads way on charter school unions

NJ: How N.J. school district is making enrollment much easier |

LA Times: With $100M Geffen gift, UCLA announces launch of new school for employees & community members

MinnPost: More young Somali-Americans are choosing careers in education

BRIGHT: When School Feels Like Jail

LA Times: In L.A. Unified, restorative justice has been slow to take hold


Nikole Hannah-Jones Is Everywhere

How FLA Reporters Almost Missed School Resegregation Story

Hechinger Report Crowdfunding Coverage of Immigrant Education

Trying To Understand Coverage Of Clinton’s Charter School Critique

WSJ Common Core Story Over-Emphasizes Setbacks, Lumps States Into Mystery Categories

The Seventy Four Gets Rubio On Record, Publishes In @TheAtlanticEDU


The Guardian: America’s poorest white town: abandoned by coal, swallowed by drugs | US news

Jacobin: The Philanthropy Hustle

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Alexander Russo

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