How Scalia’s Death May Grant Public-Sector Unions A Reprieve Huffington Post: But now, with the likelihood of the court’s four liberal justices backing fair share fees, Friedrichs may no longer be the looming disaster for public-sector unions that it seemed. See also LA Times, ScotusBlogEdSource Today, Slate, NYT, EdWeek.

Louisiana Drops Common-Core Lawsuit—Again State EdWatch: Gov. Jon Bel Edwards announced last week that he’d dropped the lawsuit, only to have the state’s attorney general claim the lawsuit wasn’t the governor’s to drop.

Working Shift: What’s It Like to Be a High School Principal? WBEZ: Chicago high school principal Anna Pavichevich explains what it’s like to lead a school with 1120 students and more than 100 staff members.

Should Computer Education Cover More Than Just Coding? NPR: Computers are not just about coding. There’s also a lot of theory — and science — behind technology. And those theoretical concepts form the basis of much of computer science education in colleges and universities.

It’s Not Easy Teaching Special Ed NPR: It’s getting harder and harder to find quality special education teachers, which is why 49 out of 50 states report shortages.

Program Aims to Keep Schools Diverse as New York Neighborhoods Gentrify NYT: The city’s Education Department is allowing seven schools to set aside a percentage of seats for low-income families, English-language learners or students engaged with the child welfare system.

Dispute With New York City Threatens Success Academy’s Pre-K NYT: A critical deadline passed in a dispute between the charter school network and the de Blasio administration over the network’s prekindergarten program, leaving its fate in doubt.

Evaluation Process For DCPS Teachers Undergoing Changes WAMU: DCPS officials are making several changes to the formal teacher evaluation process that’s been in place since 2009, some of which — including student evaluations — are opposed by the teacher’s union.

Alexander Russo

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