Chicago Sun-Times: UNO’s secret spending spree

Texas Tribune: At High Schools Just Miles Apart, a World of Difference in College Paths

Reuters: Uncovering a major security hole with the SAT:

NYT: Schools Nationwide Still Grapple With Lead in Water

WNYC: For Syrian Refugees in New Jersey, a Bumpy Adjustment to School

Washington Post: White teachers and black teachers have different expectations for black students  [See also The Atlantic, HuffingtonPost.]

Guardian: Conservatives vow to ask supreme court to rehear deadlocked union case

The American Prospect: NC Educators Fight Deportations of Central American Students

Hechinger Report/CS Monitor: Education’s Mr. Fix-it

Tampa Bay Times: Hillsborough schools to dismantle system that cost millions to develop  


Hits, Misses, Snubs, & Mysteries Among This Year’s EWA Finalists 

Flawed EdCities Report Coverage Highlights Importance Of Skepticism & Scrutiny

SoCal Public Radio Restaffs Education Desk, Launches “Good Schools”

Chalkbeat To Roll Out New Code Of Ethics 


From the Center on American Progress:

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