NYT: Calif. Appeals Court Reverses Ruling Against Teacher Tenure Rules

Star Tribune: Suit accuses Minnesota of protecting bad teachers at students’ expense

LAT: Black and Latino parents want better teachers and harder classes for their kids

AP: Immigrant students being blocked from enrolling in school

NPR: Paradise Valley AZ – The Rare District That Recognizes Gifted Latino Students

New Mexican: This year, PARCC battle falls quiet 

Bloomberg BNA: Charter School Teachers Organizing Under Federal Labor Law

Baltimore Sun: Baltimore student activists plan walkout to protest standardized testing http:baltsun

NOLA: There are now 3 unionized charters in New Orleans as Lusher joins 


Politico Cherry-Picks Exit Polling Data To Exaggerate Teacher Support For Sanders

Shut Up About Harvard (And TFA, Charters, Closings)

Nikole Hannah-Jones Matters (To Education Journalism In Particular)   


NYT: The rise of the Minecraft generation

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