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Chalkbeat: They rejected multi-state Common Core exams. Now what?

NYT Opinion: Guess Who’s Taking Remedial Classes? Kids From Affluent Communities

Washington Post: USDE says it’s trying to protect poor children. A senator says they’re trying to break the law

WSJ: New York’s boost in pre-k funding leads nation – accounts for 2/3 of the half-billion $ increase last year

NYT: New Orleans Plan: Charter Schools, With a Return to Local Control

LA Times: These 2 teens with similar backgrounds took very different paths to college – LA Times

Politico: Success Academy documents point to ‘possible cheating’ among challenges

Politics K12: Arne Duncan, Priscilla Chan Discuss Next Steps for K-12 Education

Cleveland Plain Dealer:New OH state superintendent is veteran of state politics, fan of school choice and Common Core

AP:  School bullying is serious public-health problem, federal panel says


Six New Rules For Education Journalism 

“Spotlight” Editor Warns EdReporters Against Deference & Urges Better Story Choices

NYT “Remediation” Editorial Fails To ID Pro-Common Core Group

Boston Busing, Black Lives Matter, & The Current State Of Education Commentary

Chicago Journas Honored For Controversial Education Coverage


Vox: 25 hedge fund managers earned more last year than every kindergarten teacher in America

The $63M Texas High School Football Stadium That NYTWashington Post, & Slate All Had To Write About

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