California’s teacher tenure battle is reignited by Vergara appeal and a new bill – LA Times

Vergara plaintiffs file latest appeal, wade into legislative debate on teacher job protections | 89.3 KPCC

Foes of teacher tenure, seniority appeal to state Supreme Court – SFGate

Report: Virginia’s black students three times as likely as whites to face suspension – The Washington Post

VA School suspensions disproportionately impact minorities | Fusion

Is ‘grit’ overrated in explaining student success? Harvard researchers have a new theory. – The Washington

Angela Duckworth Responds To A New Critique Of Grit : NPR Ed : NPR

Texan Who Posted Extreme Views Loses Runoff for State Education Post – The New York Times

Philadelphia plan to fund pre-K would tax soda by the ounce | PBS NewsHour

Teacher abuse payouts top $300 million as L.A. Unified misses warning signs – LA Times

Kentucky thoroughly sold its educators on Common Core. How? – The Hechinger Report

Jia Lee, Opt-Out Activist, Wants To Shake Up The UFT’s “Closed Door Negotiations” : Gothamist

This company says it can predict whether a teacher will be any good — before entering a classroom

Complaint Alleges Texas Charter Schools Abusing Visa Program – ABC News

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