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* In Congressional races, Donald Trump is O for 1.

Rep. George Holding won the Republican primary for a newly redrawn district in North Carolina, beating Rep. Renee Ellmers, who became the first GOP incumbent to lose in a primary this year…

Donald Trump backed Ellmers and recorded a last-minute robocall that her campaign released over the weekend. It was the first time the presumptive Republican presidential nominee had intervened in a congressional race this year. But it failed to make a difference for Ellmers..

* Yesterday we saw a lot of Republicans denounce Donald Trump’s racism. The Des Moines Register obviously thinks that Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley’s statement was pretty weak tea.

The best Grassley could muster was this: “I would not say what Trump said.”

As Edmund Burke said, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. And when it comes to Donald Trump, there are invertebrates that have shown more spine than Sen. Charles Grassley.


* From Jorge Rivas:

There were no statewide exit polls for Tuesday’s [California] vote, but Clinton, who won the state overall by roughly 56-43%, led in the 10 congressional districts in the state with the highest share of Latinos among eligible voters. All 10 districts are in Southern California.

* Hillary Clinton will make a play for the #NeverTrump vote.

Hillary Clinton is wasting no time trying to woo Republicans turned off by Donald Trump now that she’s the presumptive Democratic nominee, as her campaign has launched a new website aimed at courting disaffected GOP voters.

The website, republicansagainsttrump.org, was registered on May 27 and launched on June 2, according to domain registration records.

* Finally, here is the tweet of the night from yesterday’s historic event.

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