Image from WNYC school desegregation series “Integration 2.0” 


NYT Sunday Magazine: Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City  

Slate:America’s public schools are now majority-minority and the implications are huge  [See entire series here]

Baltimore Sun: Mantra for graduates of troubled Baltimore high school: ‘You can make it’

NYT:Where Nearly Half of Pupils Are Homeless, School Aims to Be Teacher, Therapist, Even Santa

AP: Detroit & DC Have High Chronic Absence Rates, Says USDE See also Seattle Times

NYT: Schools Punished Teenagers for Being Victims of Sexual Assault, Complaints Say  


Why Some Parents (including the NYT’s Nikole Hannah-Jones) Choose a Segregated School

Half-Forgotten LA Times Education Controversy Resurfaces

With 12-Part “Tomorrow’s Test,” Slate Series Addresses Race & Education 

Despite Flaws, WNYC “School Integration 2.0” Series Well Worth It 


NYT: 2 Valedictorians in Texas Declare Undocumented Status, and Outrage Ensues  See also BuzzFeed.

PBS NewsHour: Beyond Bathrooms: The Transgender Student Experience

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