This is just a casual observation, but it doesn’t really help all that much for CNN to disclose that their new employee, Corey Lewandowski, is receiving severance payments from Donald Trump. Nor does it fix matters to let the viewers know that Lewandowski will be chairing the New Hampshire delegation at the Republican National Convention. That’s just basically warning people that the opinions they’re about to hear are not only biased but restricted by contractual obligations that prevent Lewandowski from freely discussing the campaign he managed through the primaries. What it doesn’t explain is why these opinions will be valuable or informative rather than banal and misleading.

Even if Lewandowski hadn’t narrowly avoided prosecution for committing battery against a Breitbart news reporter, and even if he hadn’t generally exhibited thuggish behavior toward the press during his time as Trump’s campaign manager, it still would be highly questionable to hire him as an analyst.

The fact that CNN now feels compelled to spend nearly as much time with disclaimers as they spend airing Lewandowski’s opinions is all the proof you need that they made a terrible decision in hiring him in the first place.

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