Colin Powell
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If you want to hear Colin Powell unplugged, you can now read his private emails, thanks to some hackers at an outfit called DC Leaks.

He’s not a fan of either of the two presidential candidates and likes to use the word ‘dick’ a lot, which kind of surprised me for some reason.

I’m amazed that people still care what Powell thinks and have any respect for him after he went to the United Nations and delivered the most dishonest and discredited case in the history of that organization. It’s definitely grading on a ludicrous curve to say, “yeah, well, he was the reasonable one.”


Maybe it helps that he’s done with the GOP now. He did endorse Barack Obama and he explained in one email last month that he wasn’t in any hurry to endorse Clinton because Trump was doing a fine job of it himself: “I try not to bother someone who is beating himself and the GOP up.”

So, apparently, his beef isn’t just with Trump but also with the Republican Party. He enjoys seeing them “beat up” and had no inclination to break up the fight.

Most of the focus has been on Powell and Condoleezza Rice’s shared opinion that Benghazi “is a stupid witch hunt.” But, again, I don’t know why anyone should care what Powell thinks.

Apparently, he’s done with his tiff with the Clintons over the whole email flap, possibly because he got exposed as a liar. But everyone who’s paid any attention and has an iota of long-term memory, including (at one time) Saddam, already knew that.

I think we’ll look back on this as the Hacker’s Election. I’m sure we’ll be reading some more personal emails before it’s over.

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