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So, if you go look at the Breitbart website right now, you’ll see an anti-Trump headline that accuses him of nominating a Labor Secretary that prefers foreign labor to American workers. And if you actually go ahead and read the article, you’ll see that it lashes out at Andy Puzder for standing “diametrically opposed to Trump’s signature issues on trade and immigration.”

As an example, they cite his decision to “join forces with Michael Bloomberg, Bob Iger, and Rupert Murdoch’s open borders lobbying firm, the Partnership for a New American Economy, to call for ‘free-market solutions’ to our immigration system.” They also question Puzder’s support for “amnesty” and overall view him as a poster-boy for what they oppose, which is bringing in low-wage immigrants that take jobs from white Americans and suppress their wages.

Now, the Breitbart website is as closely associated with Trump’s consigliere Steve Bannon as Trump Tower is with Trump. I don’t think they would run a hit piece on Andy Puzder if they thought it would displease Bannon. The question is whether or not they wrote this article at his direction and with his guidance.

Bannon and Reince Priebus are having a little bureaucratic hand-to-hand combat about how to fill out Trump’s cabinet, and perhaps Bannon lost the battle over the Labor Department. Maybe this is the way he strikes back and demonstrates his power.

For Democrats, this is interesting speculation, kind of like trying to figure out how the car wound up upside down, on fire, and on top of the garage.

But it also makes it more likely that there will be some Republican senators who will consider voting against Puzder’s confirmation. If the left is united against him and Bannon’s hordes are against them, it’s at least possible that he won’t be confirmed.

And he should not be confirmed.

Martin Longman

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