* That the Trump administration is actually considering this is simply deplorable.

Women and children crossing together illegally into the United States could be separated by U.S. authorities under a proposal being considered by the Department of Homeland Security, according to three government officials.

Part of the reason for the proposal is to deter mothers from migrating to the United States with their children, said the officials, who have been briefed on the proposal.

The policy shift would allow the government to keep parents in custody while they contest deportation or wait for asylum hearings. Children would be put into protective custody with the Department of Health and Human Services, in the “least restrictive setting” until they can be taken into the care of a U.S. relative or state-sponsored guardian.

* That families are having to actually consider this is simply deplorable.

Parents who immigrated illegally to the United States and now fear deportation under the Trump administration are inundating immigration advocates with requests for help in securing care for their children in the event they are expelled from the country.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) advocacy group has been receiving about 10 requests a day from parents who want to put in place temporary guardianships for their children, said spokesman Jorge-Mario Cabrera. Last year, the group said it received about two requests a month for guardianship letters and notarization services.

* Here’s just one side affect of such deplorable practices.

The Denver City Attorney says the fear of being deported has caused some witnesses of violent crimes to skip court — ultimately allowing several cases to be dropped and the suspects to walk free.

Kristin Bronson says because of this, local safety is on the line…

Her office is in the process of dropping four domestic violence cases since President Donald Trump announced a more aggressive deportation policy in January.

The victims in those cases were afraid of running into officers at court who could deport them.

* Remember when Donald Trump promised in his speech on Tuesday that all of the pipelines he wants to approve will be built with American steel. Apparently he failed to mention the fine print.

The Keystone XL Pipeline will not be subject to President Donald Trump’s executive order requiring infrastructure projects to be built with American steel, a White House spokeswoman said today.

Trump signed the order calling for the Commerce Department to develop a plan for U.S. steel to be used in “all new pipelines, as well as retrofitted, repaired or expanded pipelines” inside the U.S. projects “to the maximum extent possible.”…

“The Keystone XL Pipeline is currently in the process of being constructed, so it does not count as a new, retrofitted, repaired or expanded pipeline,” the White House spokeswoman said.

* Our mad boy-king spent a good part of Friday afternoon trolling opponents on twitter. Whose turn was it to babysit, anyway?


* Finally, if you join me in being embarrassed and frustrated by our mad boy-king, perhaps you’ll understand how bittersweet it is to watch this clip from Obama’s commencement speech at Rutgers. The wisdom is sweet. Its absence is bitter.

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