* Of all the things I saw and read today about Trump’s budget, this is the one that struck me as the most significant:

* This statement pretty much sums up the Trump administration’s position on climate change:

* Here’s something in Trump’s budget that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves:

President Donald Trump is calling for privatizing the nation’s air traffic control operations in his budget proposal, a top priority of the airline industry.

The proposal says spinning off air traffic operations from the Federal Aviation Administration and placing them under an “independent, non-governmental organization” would make the system “more efficient and innovative while maintaining safety.”

* Trump tries to pretend that his executive orders on lobbying are how he’s keeping his promise to drain the swamp. But who needs lobbyists when the entire administration is made up of swamp dwellers.

Trump’s latest Goldman [Sachs] hire is Jim Donovan, a two-decade veteran of the Wall Street bank, who was nominated to the No. 2 position at the Treasury Department on Tuesday…

This week, Trump also reassigned former Goldman Sachs partner Dina Powell to the more prominent role of deputy national security adviser for strategy…

Donovan will join a handful of other Goldman alumnus in the Trump administration. Gary Cohn…Jay Clayton…Steve Bannon…

* In other swamp news:

President Trump on Thursday nominated a top Boeing executive to be the second-highest-ranking civilian at the Pentagon.

Trump announced Patrick Shanahan’s nomination to be deputy Defense secretary…

* At this point I’m not sure that it matters what Mike Huckabee thinks. But this tweet is the perfect example of the kind of advice you get from the confederate insurgency.

* After diving into all that ugliness, I need to go to a different place. I don’t know where these ladies are headed, but I’m going to let them take me there.

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