* Things must not be looking good for passage of the Graham-Cassidy bill because Republicans are apparently trying to buy Sen. Murkowski’s vote with these additions:

1. Alaska (along with Hawaii) will continue to receive Obamacare’s premium tax credits while they are repealed for all other states. It appears this exemption will not affect Alaska receiving its state allotment under the new block grant in addition to the premium tax credits.

2. Delays implementation of the Medicaid per capita caps for Alaska and Hawaii for years in which the policy would reduce their funding below what they would have received in 2020 plus CPI-M [Consumer Price Index for Medical Care].

3. Provides for an increased federal Medicaid matching rate (FMAP) for both Alaska and Hawaii.”

* This pretty much nails what’s going on.

* If you’d like a comprehensive list of individuals/groups that have publicly stated their opposition to Graham-Cassidy, CAP Action has you covered.

* The idea that fake Russian Facebook pages deserve privacy has finally been tossed aside.

Facebook has decided to turn over to Congress copies of more than 3,000 online political advertisements bought through Russian accounts during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, reversing a decision that had frustrated Capitol Hill investigators, company officials said Thursday.

The company had previously shown some of the ads to investigators but taken back copies before they could be studied carefully, citing concerns over user privacy at the time. Facebook reversed that position Thursday amid rising complaints from Capitol Hill that the company was not cooperating fully with its investigation.

* It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that David Horowitz would espouse white supremacist sentiments.

Suggesting that African Americans should be grateful that, after almost 250 years and a Civil War, we finally ended slavery is bad enough. But think for a moment about who Horowitz credits for the brilliance of Coates’ writing, which is what brought him a modicum of fame and fortune…white America.

Let’s add this one to the list, “You might be a white supremacist if you think white people deserve credit for the achievements of black people.”

* Finally, does anyone else remember the trepidation many of us felt as we waited for word on whether or not the Supreme Court would kill Obamacare? As we await a vote in the Senate on Graham-Cassidy next week, there’s a bit of deja vu. David Litt (whose book was reviewed here at the Washington Monthly) reminds us of how Obama handled it the first time.

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