* While Michelle Wolf was doing her comedy routine at the White House Correspondents Dinner, Trump was giving a speech in Michigan that was full of attacks and lies. Guess which one the media panned.

It seems that every journalist, politician, and professional Offended Person in America was professionally offended by a speech delivered on Saturday evening. Unfortunately, that speech was not this speech. ..

Because this speech, this rant that included invective, false accusations, and threats, came from the man in the nation’s most powerful position. A man who has demonstrated that he will follow up on his threats, will govern through petty spitefulness, and act with justification or reason against those who he feels have slighted him in some way. A man who isn’t a hairsbreadth from the line of running the nation like a dictatorships, but several steps beyond that line.

But that speech—has become accepted. Has become normalized. Has been treated by the press from the beginning, as something that it need not dissect in detail, need not hold up as dangerous, need not hold up in outrage. Because … honestly, the answer to that ‘because’ is a genuine puzzle.

* If you want to know what Michelle Wolf said that really offended the media, here you are:

* I chose not to write a whole post about this nonsense, but twitter did its usual job of coming up with some of the best responses.

If you don’t remember how that went down, here is Richard Cohen concern-trolling about how Colbert wasn’t funny.

Finally, this pretty much says it all:

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