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Someone from the 2020 Trump campaign talked to Jonathan Swan and Alayna Treene of Axios recently. They told the reporters that a digital campaign is being developed to boost support for the president among African Americans, Hispanics, and suburban women. I kid you not! They went on to provide examples of the kind of messaging they’ll use with each group.

Across the board, the campaign plans to play up the strong economy and historic low unemployment.

For Hispanics: They’ll emphasize that Trump supports school choice and expanding educational opportunities.

For African Americans: The campaign will tout that how Trump supports health care policies that protect patients with pre-existing conditions. They’ll also play up the administration’s success on criminal justice reform.

For suburban women: They’ll focus on how the “energy revolution” has made energy more affordable, creates jobs, and reduced carbon emissions. They’ll also highlight how the president supports dedicating $500 million over the next 10 years to fund childhood cancer research and therapies.

Frankly, I suspect that someone in the Trump campaign was just trying to have a little laugh at the expense of the Axios reporters, because it is impossible to take any of that seriously.

In terms of the big picture, Trump has always catered exclusively to his white base of supporters. He does that by attacking the very groups identified above, making them the enemy that must be feared. His rhetoric about Hispanics and African Americans includes words like “rapists,” “criminals,” “shithole countries,” and “very fine people on both sides” of a pro versus anti white supremacy demonstration.

Suburban women aren’t going to quickly forget that the pussy-grabbing misogynist embraced Russian help to win the electoral college, defeating the most qualified person to ever run for president—who also happened to be a woman.

Let’s also not forget that, like every other sentient being on the planet, Hispanics, African Americans, and suburban women are able to see that Trump is a narcissistic bully and a pathological liar who is mentally unfit for office.

But let’s get back to those messages someone in the Trump campaign came up with. It doesn’t take a political junkie to know that, rather than supporting healthcare policies that protect people with pre-existing conditions, Trump collaborated with congressional Republicans in an attempt to repeal Obamacare and take away those protections.

How about that whopper these folks suggested they’d tell to suburban women? The guy who thinks climate change is a hoax and has done everything in his power to roll back the efforts of the Obama administration to address the issue will now try to tell us that he launched some kind of “energy revolution” that will reduce carbon emissions. Puhleeze!

Seriously… I don’t think Trump gives a shit about winning the votes of Hispanics, African Americans, or suburban women. As I said, this is more than likely a joke rather than a serious leak to the reporters at Axios. Either that or it’s a fantasy from someone involved in the Trump campaign who knows that this is the kind of thing the president would need to do in order to get re-elected, so they sent out a pack of lies on a wing and a prayer.

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Nancy LeTourneau

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