God Save the Scene

D.C. punk has thrived for decades with the help of churches, activists, and even the library. Can it survive the city’s rapid redevelopment?

The Value of Solar

The pricing of distributed solar energy has become the object of fierce struggles: not only in Arizona and Nevada, but in previously generous Germany and Britain. Utilities in US states claim that solar households enjoying net metering are getting a free ride from their unpaneled neighbours – they will still rely on the grid in… Read more »

Trade, Trump, and Downward Class Warfare

A conversation with my Marron Institute colleague Paul Romer yesterday crystallized an idea I’d been toying with for some time. In a nutshell: opponents of taxing the rich have destroyed, on a practical level, the theoretical basis for believing that free trade benefits everyone. The Econ-101 case for free trade is straightforward: Trade benefits those… Read more »

Should You Worry About Stock Market and Housing Bubbles?

Stock market bubbles….basically no. Just save more for the long-run. But housing market run-ups are another matter…. I don’t believe ordinary investors should spend much time wondering if the stock market is overvalued. I’m more cautious when it comes to housing, because a fall in your local housing market can do you greater and more… Read more »

Can Economic Growth Save Social Security?

In less than 20 years, according to the latest official projections, Social Security will no longer be able to pay full benefits to retirees and people with disabilities. Yet, presidential candidates aren’t talking much about how they would fix the problem. Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders want high-salaried workers to pay more Social… Read more »