How to Make More Good Blue-Collar Jobs

If you’re looking for a silver lining in the dark cloud of the Trump candidacy, you might notice that it has brought some attention to the worsening state of white people without a college degree. It’s not that the world is rosy for non-whites without college degrees, of course, but on average they were starting… Read more »

Potential Downsides of a $15 Minimum Wage

Much of the leftosphere has been uncritically cheering the likelihood that California will move its minimum age to $15/hour. I am therefore glad that Kevin Drum has raised a cautionary note. As Kevin points out, modest raises in the minimum wage do not seem to produce increased unemployment, but this would not be a modest… Read more »

The GOP Threat to High-Skilled Immigration

Tough talk on illegal immigration has been a signature issue for both Republican presidential contenders Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz – you’d be hard-pressed to find a voter who hasn’t heard of Trump’s proposal to “build a wall” on the U.S.-Mexico border. But perhaps less well-known are these candidates’ equally damaging and retrograde views… Read more »

God Save the Scene

D.C. punk has thrived for decades with the help of churches, activists, and even the library. Can it survive the city’s rapid redevelopment?

The Value of Solar

The pricing of distributed solar energy has become the object of fierce struggles: not only in Arizona and Nevada, but in previously generous Germany and Britain. Utilities in US states claim that solar households enjoying net metering are getting a free ride from their unpaneled neighbours – they will still rely on the grid in… Read more »