Oft-Overlooked Threads Woven into ECE’s Thorny Knot

To facilitate interaction among ideas presented in Moving Beyond False Choices for Early Childhood Educators, Series Editor Stacie G. Goffin offers opening comments. For readers new to the Series, her introduction explains the series’ intent.  Laura Bornfreund was asked to review the series’ most recent five blogs and identify emerging themes along with their policy implications. She lifts up three issues… Read more »

Musings from a Midwest Road Trip

One of the best things about being a faculty member is the incredible flexibility during the summer. Although I am only on a nine-month contract and have to hustle for grant or contract funding to maintain a nice standard of living (here is what I did last summer), it’s great to be in almost complete… Read more »

Let’s Be Honest: It’s About Sexism, Classism, and Racism

To facilitate interaction among ideas presented in Moving Beyond False Choices for Early Childhood Educators, Series Editor Stacie G. Goffin offers opening comments. For readers new to the Series, her introduction explains the series’ intent. Maurice Sykes urges us to delve deeper to understand why the issues of preparation and education, compensation and status, and… Read more »

Dual Language Learner Data Gaps: Takeaways for State Policy Leaders

This is the fifth and final post in New America’s blog series, DLL Data Gaps, and summarizes key findings and recommendations for state policy leaders. Click here to learn more about this project and access the other blogs in the series. Across a variety of domains, states need better data to more equitably serve dual language learners (DLLs) in… Read more »

Financial Stress Tests for Small Colleges?

The Massachusetts Board of Higher Education meets Tuesday to discuss the future of students at Mount Ida College, the liberal arts college in Newton set to close at the end of the month. Many of its 1,500 students—and incoming ones who had planned to enroll this fall—are unsure where they will complete their degrees. One… Read more »

Extracting Success in Pre-K Teaching

High-quality teachers are an essential component of an effective pre-K program. After all, young children’s learning depends on the quality of interactions they have and the relationships they form with adults. While there is much debate in the early education field right now about teacher qualifications and preparation requirements, there has been less discussion on… Read more »