What Happened to the Liberal Arts?

Liz Coleman, the president of Bennington College Bennington College talks (in 2009) about what’s wrong with American higher education and how we might be able to fix it. The progression of today’s college student is to jettison every interest except one. And within that one, to continually narrow the focus, learning more and more about… Read more »

Professors’ Salary Increases

All of higher education might still be suffering from something of a financial crisis, but the problems aren’t, it turns out, evenly distributed. According to a piece by Andrea Fuller in the Chronicle of Higher Education: Salaries for faculty members across all disciplines rose by 1.9 percent this year, nearly matching the 2-percent rise in… Read more »

The Washington Monthly College Rankings

THE WASHINGTON MONTHLY COLLEGE RANKINGS …. In what college ranking does UCLA come out ahead of Harvard? Texas A&M over Yale? No, football has nothing to do with it. The difference between other rankings and the Washington Monthly College Rankings is that ours are dedicated not to which universities are best for you, but which universities are best for the country…. Read more »