July/August 2013

Will Predatory Lenders Get Fat on Immigration Reform?

If immigration reform passes, immigrants will potentially be forced to navigate a landscape filled not only with un-scrupulous legal advisers but with predatory financial service providers as well. That’s because any final legislation will likely include requirements that undocumented immigrants pay stiff penalties and back taxes before they can get legal status. The Senate’s Gang… Read more »

Estates of Mind

The answer to America’s techno-malaise is to force big corporations to compete more. And to open their patent vaults.

Storefront Coyotes

Meet the con artists who “help” immigrants with their visa problems—and who will get rich if Congress passes a “tough” immigration reform bill.

A for Effort

Other countries’ schools outperform ours by following a philosophy that is—or ought to be—very American: innate talent is less important than sheer drive.

Dreamers Deferred

The Obama administration is trying to help immigrant students brought here illegally as kids get into college. GOP-controlled states have other ideas.

Tilting at Windmills

More scrutiny, not less For the Internal Revenue Service and tax-exempt groups, the real scandal lies not with the few that have been over-investigated, but with the many that continue to function with too little scrutiny. As of 2012, there were 1,616,053 organizations in this country that were tax exempt—supposedly on the basis that, among… Read more »

The Doctor Cartel Will See You Now

Conservatives have long warned that government-mandated universal health care will lead to long wait times to see doctors, as in Canada and the United Kingdom. But the truth is that we already have long waits to see some kinds of doctors in the United States. It takes nearly a month (twenty-seven days) for the average… Read more »

First Teach No Harm

The U.S. spends $13 billion a year subsidizing graduate medical education. Yet almost all of this money winds up producing the wrong kinds of doctors in the wrong places, with America’s most elite teaching hospitals being the worst offenders.