D.R. Tucker

What Would Martin Say to Mia?

That loud sound you heard yesterday was not another false ballistic missile alert, but the noise of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. rolling over in his grave as Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) very tepidly criticized Donald Trump on CNN’s State of the Union. Rep. Love had a look of absolute fear on her face, as… Read more »

Exxon’s Long Con

At long last, have they no decency? Of course not. ExxonMobil—still reeling from reports that the company knew that its fossil fuels were fueling a climate crisis—is crying victim in court, claiming that mean environmentalists are targeting the company for destruction. Pardon me as I reach for the handkerchief: ExxonMobil is trying to turn the… Read more »

Matthews’s Sexism Needs to Be Canceled

What the hell was he thinking? MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews joked about drugging then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton before sitting down with her for an interview in early 2016, according to exclusive outtake footage published by New York magazine’s The Cut Friday. “Where’s that Bill Cosby pill I brought with me?” he asked. The joke… Read more »

The Covfefe Chronicles: How Many Lies Will Trump Pack into His Presidential Memoirs?

It’s inevitable. Once Donald Trump is removed from office—either through term limits, a 2020 loss, a resignation or (if there is enough Congressional courage following the 2018 midterms) an impeachment—he and a right-wing ghostwriter will secure a big-money contract for his presidential memoirs. There will be a built-in audience for such a book—the still-loyal members… Read more »