D.R. Tucker

Journalists Who Normalized Trump Betrayed the Public Trust

You know, it’s not like they weren’t warned. CNN’s Brian Stelter was generally spot-on this morning in pointing out the dangers of the rhetoric that flowed from Donald Trump’s mouth Saturday night in Pennsylvania, but he could have gone a little further–hell, a lot further: Here’s the problem: Trump has been this way for years…. Read more »

Supreme Court Can’t Wait to Kill Youth Climate Lawsuit

Like death itself, the end can be delayed, but not escaped: A group of 21 youths who accuse the U.S. government of failing for decades to properly address climate change defeated the Trump administration’s attempt to keep the dispute out of court. The U.S. [Ninth] Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled Wednesday that a… Read more »

The President Prattles in Pittsburgh

If you know someone who voted for this man, ask them how they can defend any of this: President Trump on Saturday again called for enacting the death penalty for drug dealers during a rally meant to bolster a struggling GOP candidate for a U.S. House seat here. During the campaign event in this conservative… Read more »

PBS Plans to Give Us a Progressive Talk Show, Too, Right?

We all know the sad saga of public television bending over backwards to appease right-wing interests and dull the Republican desire to put Big Bird in a skillet, but this is beyond ridiculous: As the Donald Trump administration mulls whacking its funding for PBS, the pubcaster said today that it is launching a conservative talk… Read more »

A Pollution Problem for Patrick’s Presidential Push?

Is it over before it even begins? Deval Patrick, the former governor of Massachusetts who has largely shunned politics since leaving office and joining Bain Capital in 2015, is using some of his most direct language to date to acknowledge his interest in a presidential run in 2020. “It’s on my radar screen,” Patrick told… Read more »