Ed Kilgore

1968 Versus 2016

Despite the many similarities, this year isn’t 1968. Because Hillary understands what Johnson never did: that he had to be (mostly) at one with his party’s base.

Day’s End and Weekend Watch

In all today’s acknowledgements, I should include my dear sweet wife, Dawn, who has put up with all manner of madness attributable to the Animal, kept me from succumbing to Blogger Rage, and most of all, made the worst of days better than any I spent before lucking into her company. Here some final remains… Read more »


So Paul Glastris didn’t need to do this, but he did another farewell tribute to ye olde blogger today, and I just want to reciprocate. Nobody’s who not pretty intimately connected with WaMo or at least very familiar with the magazine biz knows how many times Paul has kept this enterprise going via a combination… Read more »