John Gravois

John Gravois is a senior features editor at Pacific Standard magazine. He was an editor at the Washington Monthly from 2010 to 2012. Previously, he worked as a senior editor on the Review section of The National in Abu Dhabi and as a staff reporter at The Chronicle of Higher Education. He began his career as a reporter at The Cambodia Daily, and is a graduate of Deep Springs college.

No Place Like Home

An innovative foster care program for disabled vets points the way to solving two of the nation’s greatest challenges at the same time.

Too Important to Fail

Predatory lending still poses a systemic risk to the economy. Will Obama’s new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau succeed in taming it, or will the agency be strangled in its crib?

Today, the Monthly; Tomorrow, Journalism Itself

Here at the Washington Monthly, our cardinal mission is to help you see the clockwork of government, politics, and public life more clearly. But we also have another big calling: minting great editors and writers and sending them out into the world. Over the course of its 40 years, the Monthly has launched the careers… Read more »

New Records in Non-fiction

This February, the Pulitzer-prize winning writer Katherine Boo will come out with a new book based on three years of reporting inside a Mumbai slum, called “Behind the Beautiful Forevers.” Even if this doesn’t sound like your usual cup of tea, take this as a tip: you’ll probably be hearing a fair bit about this… Read more »

The College For-profits Should Fear

By offering adults an education that is faster, cheaper, and better than the likes of Kaplan, Phoenix, or Capella, the nonprofit Western Governors University just might eat their lunch.