Nicholas Confessore

Nicholas Confessore on David Brooks

If you ask liberals who their favorite conservative pundit is, odds are they will name New York Times columnist David Brooksa writer with a reputation for perceptive social observation and less of an appetite for partisan red meat than the Bill Kristols and Charles Krauthammers of the world. But in a 2004 book review, Washington… Read more »

Paradise Glossed

Not only was Brooks perhaps the first among that group of conservative thinkers who had advocated war against Iraq for nearly a decade to concede that his side had gotten things dreadfully wrong. He had also put his finger on the central failing of the war hawks–their purblind arrogance and self-delusion–with a degree of precision… Read more »

Bush’s Secret Stash

Until recently, the Democrats could even the scales somewhat by raising “soft” money, the unlimited contributions from rich individuals, corporations, and labor unions that flowed to both parties in roughly equal amounts during the 1990s. But two years ago, the McCain-Feingold Act prohibited parties from raising soft money, a goal long sought by liberal newspaper… Read more »