Tag: Affordable Care Act

Mind-Body Connections

How four counties in Pennsylvania are improving the lives of patients suffering from both serious mental illness and chronic health conditions.

Thoughts and Prayers for Jimmy Kimmel

Integrity is not good for one’s career prospects on network television. You have to think that ABC executives are beside themselves with anxiety due to Jimmy Kimmel’s courageous condemnations of the Republican Party’s firearms fetish–especially so soon after he called out the GOP’s fixation on snatching health care from millions of Americans. Outside of ABC… Read more »

Talk to the Hand: An Appalling Anniversary

It should have been over a year ago. It should have effectively ended the election. It did not–and the fact that it did not speaks volumes about this country. One year ago today, the Washington Post reported: Donald Trump bragged in vulgar terms about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women during a… Read more »

Will Obamacare Ever Be Safe?

Republicans are threatening to keep the repeal effort going, but they’re so inept and confused that they’re unlikely to succeed.

Even if Democrats Win Back Congress, Medicare for All May Be Doomed

Do you really think they have any idea what they’re in for? Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and the handful of Democratic Senators supporting Sanders’s Medicare for All initiative certainly deserve credit for getting behind such a bold effort–but they are profoundly naive if they think a bill establishing such a policy will make it through… Read more »

The Course to Chaos

When, precisely, did the Republican Party “snap”? The exact moment when the GOP went rabid will be debated for decades: you may recall that last year, I argued that the point of no return for the Republican Party was August 1, 1988–the day Rush Limbaugh’s Sacramento, California-based right-wing talk show was nationally syndicated for the… Read more »