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Republican Who Wishes to Unseat Warren Declares: I’m Not A Wingnut! Honest!

Oh, what a tangled web Trumpists weave when first they practice to deceive… Apparently, it has dawned upon the far-right Elizabeth-Warren-sucks crowd that taking Breitbart to heart won’t be enough to unseat the Massachusetts Senator in 2018. To that end, her expected Republican opponent, Trump disciple Geoff Diehl, is now trying another time-honored Republican tradition:… Read more »

Obama’s Lesson for Patrick, Booker, Harris and Cuomo: Running for President Isn’t Worth It

Remember a decade ago, when the right-wingers were complaining about “Rudy McRomney,” i.e., the prospect of the supposedly insufficiently conservative Rudy Giuliani, John McCain or Mitt Romney becoming the 2008 GOP nominee? The “Rudy McRomney” stuff didn’t make a lick of sense–Giuliani, McCain or Romney would have had to answer to the GOP’s right-wing base… Read more »

The Republican Party is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Imagine, for a moment, an organization that sought to deprive millions of people of access to medical treatment. An organization that did all within its considerable power to remove policies that ensured access to clean air and clean water. An organization that took the side of arms manufacturers who wanted no restrictions on the ability… Read more »