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The Uprising: Part II

Two weeks ago, I noted that virtually no Republicans supported the self-described “water protectors” making their voices heard about the threat posed by the Dakota Access pipeline. The outcome of the 2016 presidential election demonstrates just how little Republican voters care about environmental protection. However, those who do recognize the importance of safe drinking water–and… Read more »

The Uprising: Part I

It was so beautiful to see. I feared that in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s dark victory over Hillary Clinton, those who were horrified by the bombast and buffoonery of the bigoted billionaire would sustain an emotional blow from which they would never recover. The psychological impact of the words “President Donald Trump” would be… Read more »

Drowned World

Among the many reasons why the “Progressives must reach out to Trump supporters!” argument is so questionable is that it’s hard to reach out to people who have made it quite clear that the health and safety of future generations doesn’t interest them much. If you’re a progressive who spent years fighting the threat posed… Read more »

The Trump Card

As long as I live, I will never forget the horror I saw on the faces of disappointed John Kerry supporters outside of Faneuil Hall in Boston on the afternoon of November 3, 2004, just prior to the delivery of his concession speech. The realization that George W. Bush would stay in office for four… Read more »

Circle of Lies: The Campaign That Created Trump

November 8 is a day that will live in irony. Regardless of who wins nine days from now, the outcome will be influenced not only by the atrocious actions of FBI Director James Comey, but also by a presidential election that occurred twenty-eight years to the day earlier. The bitter legacy of that particular election… Read more »

Deplorable Behavior

It’s not going to happen Wednesday, either. Joe Romm of Climate Progress noted last week that if Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz failed to introduce a specific question about climate change at the Clinton-Trump II debate, the question would never be brought up in Clinton-Trump III: We’ve had two debates where the moderators ignored the… Read more »

The GOP Death Spiral

Deval Patrick saw this coming. Back in August 2006, the former Clinton Administration official, then running to become the first African-American governor of Massachusetts, denounced the right wing’s delegitimization of public service, and the need for the Democratic Party to forcefully call out and push back against this sort of delegitimization: I thought about Patrick’s… Read more »

The Day of the Deranged: Part I

The haters won’t care. They’ll never care. Normal people are disgusted by reports that Republican presidential nominee could have avoided paying federal income taxes for nearly two decades. Normal people are repulsed by Trump’s verbal assault on the dignity of 1996 Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado and former Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Jennifer Lin. However, the… Read more »

Not Ready to Make Nice

So George W. Bush is a good guy now? One wonders how many Americans had a queasy feeling in their stomachs last weekend when the 43rd president spoke at the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. Although Bush did sign the bipartisan (!) legislation clearing the path… Read more »