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Break On Through (To the Other Side): Part II

Are the Republicans who are declaring that they’re “with her” quietly admitting an inconvenient truth about the man who was declared victorious over Al Gore sixteen years ago? Notice the common thread that runs through the words of pro-Clinton Republicans: they’ve declared that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is “completely unqualified” for the White House,… Read more »

Virtual Insanity

Remember when Dr. Alvin Poussaint, the acclaimed Harvard Medical School psychiatry professor, argued that racism should be considered a form of mental illness? I could never figure out why Poussaint’s contention was considered controversial; it struck me as basic common sense that hatred based on race or culture is incompatible with rational thinking. Nearly two… Read more »

The American Dream vs. The American Nightmare

While the hazmat crews continue to clean up the raw sewage that flowed from the podium at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland last week, I hope Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Senator Tim Kaine, Senator Bernie Sanders, Vice President Biden and President Obama can make some last-minute adjustments that will strengthen the speeches they… Read more »

A Segregated Selfie

Am I the only person who thinks House Speaker Paul Ryan’s whites-only intern photo was just slightly more disturbing than Iowa imbecile Steve King’s statement supporting supremacy? I expect boorish, bigoted behavior from Rep. King, who once infamously declared that undocumented immigrants have “calves the size of cantaloupes” as a result of their alleged devotion… Read more »

The Fox News Channel’s Culture of Chauvinism

Two weeks ago, I noted the 25th anniversary of President George H. W. Bush’s notorious nomination of Clarence Thomas to replace Justice Thurgood Marshall on the United States Supreme Court. You may recall this anecdote from Jeffrey Toobin’s 1993 New Yorker profile of Thomas: Thomas can no longer take runs along the [National] Mall, as… Read more »

Brain-Free Zones

Will the 2016 Republican National Convention set a new record for the largest collection of losers in one arena? This year’s catastrophe in Cleveland will not be uniquely disastrous, only because the quadrennial event has always been a hot mess. Can you think of one GOP convention in recent history that didn’t display the worst… Read more »

Those Who Do Not Learn from History

Look how much has changed–and how much has not. It was fifteen years ago today that President George W. Bush, flanked by Vice President Dick Cheney, spoke in the Rose Garden and defied right-wing ideology by acknowledging that human-caused climate change was real. It was a frustrating speech in many respects, filled with the usual… Read more »