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Isn’t It Obvious Kelly and Mattis Wrote the NYT Op-Ed?

There have been actual mysteries in this country. What happened to the missing 18½ minutes on the Nixon tapes? Was there an actual “October surprise” in the 1980 presidential election? Why did anyone ever take George W. Bush seriously? This “mystery” is not one of them. To quote the renowned American philosopher Nasir Jones, it… Read more »

The Ecstasy and the Agony

What did Dickens say about the best of times and the worst of times, the age of wisdom and the age of foolishness? Next week marks the tenth anniversary of two back-to-back events that still define our politics–and will continue to define our politics for generations to come. The first such event occurred on August… Read more »

The Royal Scam: A Press Corps at Its Lowest Point

Seriously, who gives a damn? The attention that American mainstream-media entities are giving to the worthlessness in Windsor Castle today is nothing short of repulsive, an indictment of the Fourth Estate’s fetish for frivolity over seriousness and substance, a worsening of the anti-intellectual trends in American culture. Why are we paying so much attention to… Read more »

And the Newest Member of Trump’s Fan Club Is…

So there was Kellyanne Conway making a fool of herself as usual on CNN this morning, smearing James Comey and feigning outrage when Dana Bash brought up the fact that Conway’s husband, attorney George Conway, doesn’t seem to like Trump all that much. Most rational-thinking Americans regard Conway as a joke. What about those who… Read more »

Trump’s Human-Rights Atrocity in Puerto Rico

If this were happening in a developing nation, it would be an international outrage. It’s happening in the United States, and not enough people seem to care. Eight months after Hurricane Maria assaulted Puerto Rico, its residents continue to endure indignity after indignity. These indignities are the direct result of Donald Trump and the Republican… Read more »