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The Royal Scam: A Press Corps at Its Lowest Point

Seriously, who gives a damn? The attention that American mainstream-media entities are giving to the worthlessness in Windsor Castle today is nothing short of repulsive, an indictment of the Fourth Estate’s fetish for frivolity over seriousness and substance, a worsening of the anti-intellectual trends in American culture. Why are we paying so much attention to… Read more »

And the Newest Member of Trump’s Fan Club Is…

So there was Kellyanne Conway making a fool of herself as usual on CNN this morning, smearing James Comey and feigning outrage when Dana Bash brought up the fact that Conway’s husband, attorney George Conway, doesn’t seem to like Trump all that much. Most rational-thinking Americans regard Conway as a joke. What about those who… Read more »

Trump’s Human-Rights Atrocity in Puerto Rico

If this were happening in a developing nation, it would be an international outrage. It’s happening in the United States, and not enough people seem to care. Eight months after Hurricane Maria assaulted Puerto Rico, its residents continue to endure indignity after indignity. These indignities are the direct result of Donald Trump and the Republican… Read more »

Do You Like Your Planet Regular, or Extra Crispy?

Fifteen years ago today, just weeks after George W. Bush invaded Iraq in a war for oil, Princeton University Professor Michael Oppenheimer wrote a column for the New York Times in which he observed: [T]he global warming issue, and particularly America’s handling of it, has become a central geopolitical concern. Speaking at a delicate moment… Read more »

Channeling Rage: Trump and Fox News

Here we stand Remote control buttons In our sweaty little hands As one man We’re lining up and waiting For someone’s command… TV rules– Pretty soon you won’t be able To turn it off at all! All you fools Then it will turn you off— Your back’s against the wall! —“T.V. Age,” Joe Jackson, 1982… Read more »

Those Who Do Not Learn from History…

Now that ‘80s nostalgia is in vogue again by virtue of the box-office success of Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, it’s as good a time as any to note that this July marks the 35th anniversary of the release of Madonna’s debut album. If Donald Trump loses the 2020 election, then one can envision a… Read more »

Stormy Daniels is the Trump Voter’s Legacy

How many Trump voters will bring themselves to watch 60 Minutes tonight? Pardon me for assuming that the vast majority of those who sent the bigoted billionaire to the White House in November 2016 will not have the guts to view this evening’s scheduled broadcast of an interview with the President’s previous paramour, veteran adult… Read more »

March Madness: Right-Wing Media Will Take Aim at Youth Opposed to Gun Violence

They can’t help themselves. If you’ve ever doubted the fundamental foolishness and ghoulishness of the American right, just watch—if you can bear it—the right’s reaction to today’s March for Our Lives. If you think the rhetorical assaults on anti-gun-violence American youth in the days leading up to this march were bad, as Bachman-Turner Overdrive famously… Read more »