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A Sad Way to Go

No one ever wants to speak ill of the dead, but what happens when the dead have spoken ill of themselves? John Coleman, the “Good Morning America” forecasting icon who co-founded The Weather Channel, died [last] Saturday. The 83-year-old Coleman, in his later years, may have become best known for championing skepticism about the human… Read more »

The Arc of the Moral Universe Must Bend Towards Impeachment

Seriously, enough is enough. If Donald Trump’s effort to have Robert Mueller fired isn’t enough to justify his impeachment and removal of office, nothing is. If the House and Senate changes hands in November, the new Democratic majority will have a strong moral and legal mandate to hold this man accountable. Not removing Trump from… Read more »

The Covfefe Chronicles: How Many Lies Will Trump Pack into His Presidential Memoirs?

It’s inevitable. Once Donald Trump is removed from office—either through term limits, a 2020 loss, a resignation or (if there is enough Congressional courage following the 2018 midterms) an impeachment—he and a right-wing ghostwriter will secure a big-money contract for his presidential memoirs. There will be a built-in audience for such a book—the still-loyal members… Read more »

Why is Bill Kristol Promoting an Oprah Winfrey Presidential Campaign?

Why the hell is he with her? William Kristol’s cheerleading for an Oprah Winfrey presidential run is arguably the most disturbing non-Trump development of the new year. Notwithstanding my skepticism about celebrity involvement in politics, if Winfrey is actually serious about running, she should disavow the Kristol vision in the strongest terms possible. It’s fairly… Read more »

Future Fire and Fury: Trump’s Climate Instability

Fifteen years ago today, Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman introduced the Climate Stewardship Act, which would have implemented a federal cap-and-trade program to reduce carbon pollution. McCain and Lieberman were horrified by President George W. Bush’s refusal to take action on the climate crisis due to the influence of the fossil-fuel industry; that industry,… Read more »

From Grace, We Fell

If only we could have seen the future, eh? It was ten years ago this Wednesday that Barack Obama won the Iowa Democratic caucus in a shocker. Obama’s victory was considered a sign that his message had the potential to resonate with far more strength than conventional wisdom assumed–and that he indeed had the ability… Read more »

The Cost of One’s Soul

Sometimes people have to be explicitly told they’re not wanted around–and even then, they still don’t seem to get it. Yes, there was plenty of morbid humor to be derived this week from the travails of now-former White House staffer and one-time reality-TV star Omarosa Manigault, ousted from what appeared to be a make-work position… Read more »