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From Grace, We Fell

If only we could have seen the future, eh? It was ten years ago this Wednesday that Barack Obama won the Iowa Democratic caucus in a shocker. Obama’s victory was considered a sign that his message had the potential to resonate with far more strength than conventional wisdom assumed–and that he indeed had the ability… Read more »

The Cost of One’s Soul

Sometimes people have to be explicitly told they’re not wanted around–and even then, they still don’t seem to get it. Yes, there was plenty of morbid humor to be derived this week from the travails of now-former White House staffer and one-time reality-TV star Omarosa Manigault, ousted from what appeared to be a make-work position… Read more »

Keith Olbermann’s Famous Last Words

As soon as I heard the news, I thought back to the fall of 1993, when Billy Joel began hinting in the wake of the release of the River of Dreams album that he wouldn’t be releasing any new material, and Michael Jordan announced his retirement from professional basketball. Yes, the Piano Man did return… Read more »

Bush-League Criticism

What was Henry Kissinger’s old joke about the Iran-Iraq war, again? The conflict between Donald Trump and the Bush family is perhaps the silliest of the 45th President’s many feuds, nothing more than the latest outbreak of red-on-red rhetorical violence (see Trump v. McCain, Trump v. Corker, Trump v. Flake., etc.) It’s fundamentally silly because… Read more »

Let’s Impeach the President

Could this be Tom Steyer’s wisest investment? Political mega-donor Tom Steyer is funding an eight-figure TV ad campaign to “demand that elected officials take a stand” on impeaching President Trump. “A Republican Congress once impeached a president for far less, and today people in Congress and his own administration know that this president is a… Read more »

Weather: We Cared?

Did they die in vain? Next week marks the fifth anniversary of Superstorm Sandy’s assault on the United States, and one can’t help thinking of the 117 Americans who perished in that storm–and whether their deaths were simply forgotten by those who elected climate-change deniers in the 2014 midterm elections and the 2016 Presidential election…. Read more »

Jimmy Fallon’s Surrender to Donald Trump

His words couldn’t be any more pathetic. You could see the beads of flop sweat on Jimmy Fallon’s face on Sunday Today, as he tried to defend his reluctance to subject Donald Trump to intense ridicule on The Tonight Show: He doesn’t like talking about politics? He prefers to talk about pop culture? Dude, Trump… Read more »