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Trumpism: This Too Shall Pass?

Ask yourself: if George W. Bush had been considered a successful president, would Barack Obama have been elected in 2008? Looking back, it’s a bit difficult to see how Obama could have won absent Bush being regarded as an absolute disaster; the raw bigotry that Donald Trump exploited in his 2016 presidential campaign was obviously… Read more »

Master of War: The Threat of Trumped-Up Military Action

Are we doomed to repeat history? With so much covfefe coming out of the White House these days, it’s easy to forget the last time 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was occupied by shameless liars, and the ramifications of such recklessness. This month marks an ignoble anniversary in this regard, with lessons that are still important today…. Read more »

Sorry, But Randy Bryce Doesn’t Have a Chance in Hell Against Paul Ryan

The late ultraconservative Boston City Councilor Albert “Dapper” O’Neil always used to boast that when he ran for re-election, they wouldn’t count the votes in his landslide wins; they would weigh them. I wouldn’t be surprised if House Speaker Paul Ryan makes a similar boast after his next re-election effort. Randy Bryce, the Democratic ironworker… Read more »

Golden State Warrior: Jerry Brown’s Vision Trumps Right-Wing Folly

These days, you have to find Presidential leadership on the West Coast, not in the West Wing. California Governor Jerry Brown deserves tremendous praise for demonstrating the sort of climate courage Donald Trump refuses to. Just as former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took steps to curb carbon pollution while George W. Bush dithered a decade… Read more »

Years of Living Dangerously

It was just two years ago that the nightmare began. Two years ago yesterday–June 16, 2015–the man who has contaminated our democracy came down that escalator and began the process of dragging our country down with him. Some people knew immediately what was coming. Others didn’t think the worst could happen. Did anyone realize just… Read more »

If Ossoff Loses, Forget About Impeaching Trump

Pressed during the second debate on whether she believes human activity is a cause of climate change, [Karen] Handel demurred, saying: “I am not a scientist.” [Jon] Ossoff shot back: “Well, neither of us are scientists. That’s why we have scientists. And 97 percent of scientists, as well as the military and the intelligence community,… Read more »