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Isn’t It Obvious Kelly and Mattis Wrote the NYT Op-Ed?

There have been actual mysteries in this country. What happened to the missing 18½ minutes on the Nixon tapes? Was there an actual “October surprise” in the 1980 presidential election? Why did anyone ever take George W. Bush seriously? This “mystery” is not one of them. To quote the renowned American philosopher Nasir Jones, it… Read more »

Paris is Burning: CNN Deserves Flak for Hiring Pro-Trump Hack

Forrest Gump was right: Stupid is as stupid does. CNN said Wednesday evening that Paris Dennard has been suspended from his commentary role, pending an examination of the allegations against him in a Wednesday Washington Post story. The Post reported that Dennard was fired from a job at Arizona State University “for making sexually explicit… Read more »

Big Oil’s Big Nightmare

Fossil fuel companies are scared to death that carbon pricing efforts could be implemented in places like Washington state.